Jim Lord “Little Star”

Jim Lord “Little Star”

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Troubadour Jim Lord is slinging songs again. So much so he’s reaching for the stars. His new song, “Little Star” is a reflection of a man’s soul hurting. Its nurturing tone is present in each acoustic guitar strumming, with folk rock overtones. Aligned with his wonder of a voice, not even gravity can hold down “Little Star” out now via Blue Vinyl Records.

Lord, who is originally from New Jersey, moved to London in 1974. He would later tour and share the bill with such greats as Elvis Costello, Albert King and Brewer and Shipley and more. He’s now back in the United States and released Hangdog Heaven in 2000 and Live at Armando’s in 2017. Lord performs guitar finger style, adding yet another dash of authenticity to this exciting artist.

MORE ON JIM LORD: https://jimlord.com/track/2165975/little-star

Twinkle, twinkle little star, Lord starts out, like the reflective sojourner that he is. If you’re like me, you were probably thinking, okay, where’s he going with this? Is it his version of the classic children’s lullaby? Yes and no. He’s not singing the same verses, but it’s the same idea. It’s the same start, but he quickly moves onto his own composition. Lord’s candor and leathered voice is a cool juxtaposition to the nursery rhyme. His guitar playing is the icing on the cake – a bright sheen on an already happy song. As I mentioned earlier, though, there is a sadness that stretches throughout the track. He’s sorrowful. In my heart you’ll always be, the days go by and the nights are long, my only comfort is this song, Lord sings. The beads he lines up with his guitar and voice fuses together in the same breath Cat Stevens’ “Moon Shadow” did in 1971. Lord’s years of experience serve him well and the stars align in this latest offering.

Lord’s guitar work is gentle, like him. It’s a circular motion, with gazing chords that seem to linger for hours. Like a shooting star, the guitar starts at a high point and fizzles down the line, picking up little trinkets of emotion and audience connection along the way. The double-action happening in the guitar is very intricate and the sentimentality bursts with each note. He spins the yarn wheel, collecting stories (and some dust on his voice), to create this meditative state. The personal connection between Lord’s guitar and the song is breathtaking. I don’t think he would get the same tone and vibe if he were using a guitar pic. The significance of his own finger guiding the steel strings is not lost on me.

I-TUNES: https://music.apple.com/us/album/little-star/1497220426?ign-gact=3&ls=1

I wanted to know more about this person he was singing about, but I also admire artists that allow the listener to interpret the song in their own way. Artists like Lord have learned a thing or two about audiences over the years. His natural gifts shine brightly in this little tune. He makes you feel close to his art. Jim Lord is like a shining star in the vast sky – getting brighter and brighter with each song.

Jamie Morse

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