Joe Baby Releases His Third Album, ‘America, Oh America’

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Pittsgrove New Jersey — Thursday, May 27th, 2021 — Joe Baby has finished and is releasing his third album, called, ‘America, Oh America’. It’s a collection of love songs that reflect the musical influences of Joe’s past. The likes of Sam Cooke, Rod Stewart, The Isaac Brothers, Wilson Pickett and many others can be heard in the threads of this beautiful, musical masterpiece. Also included is the title track “America, Oh America” where Joe reminds
us that “…hate has to die…and for us to survive, love must revive”. A timely song in the midst of our national conversation about racism. In the middle of creating this project Joe got the COVID-19 virus. He beat it and continued writing and recording despite some complications that came from getting sick. The lesson is to not give up! It is available in all digital stores and streaming services including spotify, apple music, iTunes, youtube etc beginning on June 7, 2021. “I knew that even in all the hard times, there is a person that we can go to for comfort, and that is Jesus Christ, our Lord, and savior.” – Joe Baby Joe has more albums available. You can find everything Joe Baby related at  You can also check out some of his merchandise for sale on his website.

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Joe is a singer/songwriter in the R&B genre. He has been singing since he was a young man in various groups. He lives in Pittsgrove NJ and has several children and grandchildren.



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