John Greska Brings Cheer With Latest Release, ‘Aiming At The Stars’ 

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New Indie Pop Album Out April 9, 2020


Chicago, Illinois – April 8, 2020 – ‘Aiming At The Stars’ is John Greska’s third studio album, but his first to incorporate his lyrical charm into music that delivers indie-pop charm. 

John Greska dropped his debut, ‘Day to Day Thoughts,’ in 2018 and followed that delight with 2019’s ‘Life as an Ocean.’ Both albums showcased John Greska’s skill set when it comes to composition, but with ‘Aiming At The Stars’ he hopes fans can appreciate the lyrical charisma found in his 2020 EP. Songs like “Who Do I Love” and “One of Those Days” are for those who like their indie-pop with a side of quirk and enjoy simple, audible pleasures streaming from their speakers. 

John Greska started making instrumental music three years ago and within a year had a record ready to go. Now he’s attaching lyrics to his already enchanting musical works for his latest. Before music, John Greska was in the world of film, competing in a number of film festivals including the Hardcore Horror Fest, the Indie Gathering International Film Festival, and the Cutting Edge Film Festival. 

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John Greska’s third studio album, ‘Aiming At The Stars,’ is due out April 9, 2020. 

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