Johnny Aces and the Wingmen Midwest Memories


johnny-aces-and-the-wingmen-reviewJohnny Aces and the Wingmen are five guys from the Midwest playing music that resonates memories and makes you feel good. “The Kings of Cool” takes you straight to the alleyways of Bourbon St. It’s got this light New Orleans vibe that gets the tor tapping. “Falling Apart at the Seams” is also a fun sounding track, but the content…Not so much. Listening to the words you feel bad about the subject. “Just a Moment in Time” sounds like a ’50s jukebox track from start to finish. You can just imagine the milkshake with two straws and a first kiss about to happen. With “She Might Look Different” it’s still somewhere around that decade, but has more of an omnipresent feel, than a romantic date night like the last. If you like reminiscing thanks to music, then you’d like what Johnny Aces and the Wingmen are dishing out. (