Johnny Rockett Holds Tight With “Small Hands” 

Johnny Rockett Holds Tight With “Small Hands” 

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Charlotte, North Carolina – April 20, 2020 – With a voice that strikes like lightning, Johnny Rockett is one of the most promising indie artists out there and he’s ready to make major moves with his latest single, “Small Hands.” 

From the press of play “Small Hands” delivers somewhere between John Mayer and Shawn Mendes as Johnny Rockett’s vocals demand attention as he displays them with ease as they radiate a smooth, soulful vibe that only makes audiences listen that much more to the wonderfully constructed lyrics that act as the bones of this track. Unique in sound, but universal in the overall message; “Small Hands” brings forth a situation everyone has encountered in their life and the internal struggle that comes with choices and regrets. Johnny Rockett harmoniously laments learning from one’s mistakes, accepting the results that may come, and the temptation of a do-over. 

Produced by Alex Charles, “Small Hands” follows the release of Johnny Rockett’s 2019 debut, ‘Devil on Both Shoulders.’ Rockett has been a singer-songwriter doing his thing for the past six years, playing everywhere from coffee houses and pubs to college campuses and cruise ships. With a one of a kind voice that would dominate airwaves if, given the chance, there is no doubt Johnny Rockett is a rising star in the adult contemporary scene. 

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Johnny Rockett presents his newest single “Small Hands,” available now. 

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