Jonnie & Joy – Running Home

Jonnie & Joy – Running Home

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Jonnie & Joy – Running Home

These two wonderful women truly rock. Their EP Running Home fills with powerful energy, that moves and inspires. Let me introduce you to Jonnie & Joy.

Neat, infusive and extremely elegant – that’s the tone of the album. It’s got elements of the 80’s rock, pop and country, perfectly mixed in a top quality product. Each song streams the aura of freedom, the one, that the music of the 80’s had. It is pleasing to know, that such genius still exists in someone’s creative work and someone’s soul. Listening to such tunes is almost like travelling in a time machine. It gives you a whiff of fresh air in our twenty first century corporate world.

The very especial voice of the singer makes their project memorable, – there are voices that don’t sound quite like any other. One of those you will hear on the EP: it’s very thick and hoarse, yet it rises so high sometimes, that it’s almost shrieking.

Never Gonna Cry is my favourite of all six tunes, it opens the album and sets its mood: positive and life-asserting. Due to the major synthesizer strains and the bass measured beats sometimes it sounds almost like martial music. Fair enough, as the song is for a new beginning, to rise one’s spirits in order to make them move ahead.

Energetic Lost Soul is about how, surely, every urban dweller feels at times: lost, confused and cold.
The title track Running Home unexpectedly shifts from the soft and melodic country-sounding intro and verse to the powerful rock chorus. This is what the track is made of: the entwinement of mixed feelings, which were amazingly projected through interchanges of violins and guitars, melancholy and aggression, light and dark emotions, that are always just different sides of the same coin. Sooner or later, you’ll have to run there, where you once ran from; for it’s just running from yourself, and you cannot hide from who you are.

Soothing saxophone parts in Can You Hear Me offer a contrast to the harsh guitar riffs. This ballad is an emotional outpouring of a person who made a mistake and begs for one more chance. If I were the one who is being apologized to in such a way, I would accept the apologies and forget all that went wrong. Listening to this track, it’s impossible to feel resentment, but only love and forgiveness.

Night Stalker is dramatic, gripping and intense. What it draws in my imagination is pictures of a night city, full of undead, chasing the Stalker, who fails to find a way out. This tune will keep you at the tip of the spear.

Rhythmical Hold Tight lenghtens the burden of the previous track, but now they are two, and together they “are gonna make it through the night”. Hm, I guess, I’ve seen a whole full-length feature film in my mind. This song has heated my imagination.

Jonnie & Joy with their EP Running Home could occupy their own niche in the music world, for their works are unique and original. If you are looking for something new, yet timeless, check out these tunes.

Review by Anastasia Shanueva


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