Kanisha K – Bet On Me


Kanisha K – Bet On Me

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The latest single release from Michigan born pop singer Kanisha K, “Bet On Me”, is a resolute statement of purpose burning with longing and determination. Kanisha worked with respected producer Joe Vulpis to write and present this track in the best possible light; their efforts are handsomely rewarded with a finished product that will capture the attention of many. The two have worked together on Kanisha’s previous releases and their apparent chemistry serves them well once again on this track and it provides her fans and any possible new converts with a glimpse of the quality she’s likely aiming for as she now works on with veteran songwriters on new material in Nashville. This is powerful stuff with Kanisha’s fantastically dramatic rendering leading the way, but the musical arrangement doesn’t shirk its responsible and demonstrates all of the same musicality making the vocal so affecting. She shows great taste as well, never pushing too hard on the song, and coaxing it out instead, syllable by syllable, and weaving a spell for her audience.

The vocal has great lyrical content to work with. “Bet On Me” works on a variety of levels, but it is arguably most effective as a personal statement from Kanisha about her determination and resolve. She underscores this with her emphasis and phrasing – but the words give her excellent and sharply worded tools to work with lacking any waste or self indulgence. It also works as a love song, perhaps its original intention, and when you take it this way, it makes just as much impact on the listener. Her committed delivery makes multiple interpretations possible – there’s such a vast emotional reach on this track that it is capable of encompassing worlds of experience and emotion without ever losing its focus. There’s no question that Kanisha is with every line of this song and puts it over with the utmost confidence.

The musical arrangement works thanks to the mix of intelligent drumming, guitar, keyboards. Peaks and lulls add much to the song as well and Kanisha’s vocals play each of those moments just right. The song runs just a little over three and a half minutes long, but it encompasses a vast musical world in that brief amount of time that will leave Kanisha’s audience quite satisfied. The crescendos are particularly effective and the drama hitting listeners at those points never feels strained or manufactured. The guitar work is especially effective thanks to its taste and restraint. There’s never any moment when it tries overreaching and, instead, colors in the song’s canvas at all the right points. Those built-in dramatic moments means the song functions just as well as a standalone instrumental but, with the addition of Kanisha’s vocals, rises to a much higher level. Kanisha K’s latest single “Bet on Me” is a memorable addition to her growing discography outpacing every previous entry with room to spare. She’s surrounded herself with a host of great musicians who aid her in those efforts and it results in a likely career defining moment.

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Shannon Cowden