Kazyak – ‘Happy Camping’

Kazyak – ‘Happy Camping’

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Kazyak – ‘Happy Camping’

URL: https://kazyak.com/

Kazyak is a proposal presented by guitarist and song writer Peter Frey. A five-member formation to carry out this project, inspired by the walks in the mountains described by Frey and the nights of camping outdoors.

The album is literally a relaxed walk in an enjoyable, totally organic sound, without too much sweetener or artificial elements, all raw to guide you through the ride.

With this sound, Kazyak achieves a reconnection between the listener and nature, in a world full of noise and distorted sounds turns out to be quite refreshing and relaxing. It is a true escape from all the tribulations of the day to day we’re living.

The visual concept is quite simple, but cute, a photograph of a beautiful landscape with mountains and the sky, without retouches of Photoshop, or elaborate montages, here the constant commercial nonsense is left aside to bring only freshness and a harmonic simplicity that conveys a state of tranquility and a peaceful atmosphere.

I can also visualize this record for the soundtrack of TV series, because although it is relaxed it has the potential and the wood to ignite different types of scenes. You know … indie music is a ‘must’ in the mainstream TV shows.

The walk begins with ‘sacred cow’ (I swear, with this title I never felt happier to be a vegan) the sound gives the impression of being in a tent with a lit lava lamp, it’s acoustic and organic, very distinctive of Americana music style.

‘Sundial’ is the second track that starts with some chord progressions and acoustic guitar arpeggios, and it is precisely because of this particular track that I think this record is an ideal material for TV series soundtracks.

As a third track there is ‘Basin’ that sounds a bit like Jhon Mayer, slow-tempo and smooth, perfect harmonization in the choir and light electric guitar easy to get lost into it and leave aside any worries, it has a very unique charm you should really just let yourself fall into.

‘When I lived in Carolina’ is a nostalgic theme, the bass shines and it makes itself very noticeable. ‘Darker’ continues with the flow of the tracks that precedes it, recalls somehow to Coldplay, and it has the peculiarity of having a great musical speech, really… pauses can say a lot sometimes.

And as a the ending track of the album we have ‘Happy camping’ which also serves as the production’s title, it’s a six-minute track, which will not be annoying or boring, very well thought out to close the album in a very relaxing way that will help you to sleep and have pleasant dreams, this one also has a coda at the ending, a resource that is not used very often.

In general, this is an album to disconnect from the outside world, take the backpack and go out to climb, hiking or just walking without a precise destination.

‘Happy camping’ itself could be described as a whole experience, you just have to be willing to live it and enjoy it.

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SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/kazyak/

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