KEEP – A song for comfort in times of adversity

KEEP – A song for comfort in times of adversity

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The release of “KEEP” is inspired by the world situation we live in now.

Bergen, Vestland, Norway – The song was written a few years back, but it fits into our time now. This is a song that has helped the artist and her fans stay strong and push forward. As Santa Cecilie says, “it is important to never give up, even if (and especially when) there is a lot of adversity.”

Santa Cecilie is a person who wonders why things happen to our planet and to each and every one of us. The artist tries not to blame other people. But when looking at the world from a “bird’s eye view” everything becomes so much clearer, and often easier to find meaning in.

Covid has not only divided us, it has also made us wake up. Maybe we have started thinking about what is really important in our lives, and why we are placed on this planet together. When all of our routines and habits need to be changed, are we then also stimulated to evolve? Are we just pushing ourselves, or are there bigger underlying reasons? Are we now forced to see a bigger picture?

Santa Cecilie believes so … she believes most things are not accidental. When we are young, we live mostly in our own little world. We need to figure out who “I” is and what “I” want. As life goes on, we have to take a stand on what is happening in the rest of the world and society at large as well. Then we see that things usually resolve themselves in the end.

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Santa Cecilie is a Norwegian artist from Bergen.

Singer and songwriter Cecilie N. Andersen and her collaborator Ketil Fersum released their first album in 2009. She has a devoted audience in many parts of the world. They have toured England, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and India.

Santa Cecilie has a genuine and heartfelt expression. The music and lyrics take you on an inner journey. When Cecilie writes songs, she feels that she is one with “something bigger than herself”. She is most inspired through meditative reflection and through her encounters with people. She is often compared to other artists such as Mari Boine, Joan Baez, Alanis Morissette, Joni Mitchell, etc. After attending a music school in India, she often also uses Indian-inspired expressions. Which combined with her own voice culture gives a distinct sound and uniqueness. Her first release was inspired by her encounter with India and all the people she met along the way. Musically, the expression of this release lies somewhere between Norwegian, Celtic, Indian traditional music, and Western popular music. Her passion for music has been present for as long as Cecilie can remember. “I can not write a word, or sing a note without being 100% present in what I do. It must come from the heart.”




Santa Cecilie
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Skytterveien 21
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