Kelli Brogan Releases New Single, “I Miss The Little Things”

Kelli Brogan Releases New Single, “I Miss The Little Things”

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Listen to Inspiring Music with Kelli Brogan’s Latest Song Out Now

Victoria, Australia – Kelli Brogan is a natural-born entertainer. She grew up being exposed to music and ballroom dancing, which eventually rubbed off on her. She cultivated her artistic form by listening to the radio, watching musical performances on TV and performing in talent shows and musicals. She believes in telling a story through her music to convey a powerful sentiment to her listeners. Kelli today performs songs that use pop tunes teaming with expressive vocals to create a distinct blend.

Kelli recently released her new single, ‘I Miss The Little Things,’ perfectly summing up how everyone feels this year. It is an emotionally stirring song that reminisces about all the things the artist and listeners alike have missed due to the lockdown. The song contains blues and pop-rock influences, combined with the singer’s low pitched yet soaring vocals. In the wake of the uncertain times, Kelli hopes that this song will fill the hearts of the listeners with positivity.

Kelli’s last release, – ‘The Woman I Was’ EP contained the popular single, “If This Is All There Is.” This song helped her make her mark in the industry as it reached number 3 on Indie Star Radio Top 21 Pop Chart, beating names like Taylor Swift and Maroon 5. The depth and beauty captured in this ballad garnered the artist some well-deserved recognition.

Kelli’s songwriting provides a myriad of emotions. “I want my songs to touch and connect with people emotionally.  I believe music should portray the emotion of what people are feeling in any situation,” says the artist.

‘I Miss The Little Things’ is a reflective musical piece that offers an uplifting message to the listeners. The artist provides a balanced mix of vocals, blues, and pop-rock to reach a diverse audience.

Listen to ‘I Miss The Little Things’ by Kelli Brogan, available now for download and purchase.




Kelli is an Australian musical storyteller who has acquired favourable comparisons to Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Katy Perry. She’s shared the stage with Olivia Newton John and Alyten Childs. Her self-titled debut album won “Best Ballad, Song and Album” at the Akademia Music Awards in LA.  Her single “Long After You’re Gone” was #1 on the Fan Voted Chart in the USA for 10 consecutive weeks. She was the first Australian to reach #1 on that chart.



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