Kenny Potter, 15 year-old writer, producer, and singer is breaking ground in the pop scene.

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Evans City, PA — Kenny Potter is a 15-year old writer, producer, and singer. Currently pushing out catchy, melodic, and lyrical pop hits straight from his bedroom. Kenny spends most of his time writing, producing, and recording from his bedroom in Pittsburgh suburbia. With every song, he stays reliant in putting all of himself into every word and note. He practices an art most relatable and meaningful to him.

Kenny recalls a fascination in music since long before he can remember. He found that expressing his thoughts and feelings through song is the best way he could. While currently creating pop hits from his bedroom, he finds that music is not something to be kept for yourself, but shared with others. Kenny is on a journey to showcase his art into the world.

“like u can” is Kenny’s latest single, consisting of organic emotion derived from heartbreak. While the track might tug on your heart-strings, the dreamy melodies and instrumental flow will keep you listening on repeat. Kenny notes “Turning human emotion into art is something that everybody should be able to experience”.

Every day, Kenny is gaining new fans, funneling from his music and his online social presence. Kenny hopes to be a vessel for people who share the same experiences but don’t know how to express themselves. Many people find Kenny’s songs to not only be well written, but a safe space for raw emotion.

Kenny is attempting an opportunity to live happily doing what he loves, with the people he loves. Join the journey by following Kenny on social media platforms, and take a listen to his latest single.

Latest and greatest single from Kenny Potter, “like u can”.




Kenny Potter is a songwriter, producer, and singer. Kenny is located in the Pittsburgh, PA area. While using his artistic abilities to create songs, he finds that making music is the best way to express who he is to himself and the world.


Kenny Potter
Name: Kenny Potter
Address: 123 Timberlee Dr., Evans City, PA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 2626279126


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