Kim Vogels – Native


Kim Vogels – Native


Kim Vogels was born in Amsterdam, and at an early age traveled the whole world, it was this gift of traveling that can be seen as the blessing in the story telling and vocals of singer/songwriter/actor, Kim Vogles. It was destined perhaps to be that fate would eventually direct her to New York City, which she now calls home. Kim Vogels has taken the jazz/folk artistic blend, along with her appreciation for multi-cultural sounds and has allowed it all to present her state of musical prowse in a sense this album is a lustful, wanton EP, called, Native. An unspoiled, free-spirited work.

At just the age of five, Kim Vogels began her command of world music and as a jazz and classic cellist her talented enrichment lay hold and everything has come together. As she grew up and explored drama theatre in London along with performance art, and experimental theater this mesh eventually would lead her to New York City where she attended The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. It was there that she met producer and musician Cass Dillon and the debut EP for Kim Vogels was born, Native.

The album, Native has a strength that is undeniably feminine, exotic, erotic, commanding, and multi-cultural. Each song lends itself to its own benefactor and the power of Kim Vogels voice hits you like a sweltering hot and sticky summers day when you want to just cut free and let your spirit dance in the glory of the glistening afternoon sun. A blend of Kim Vogels attributes come together and move a depth of multiple cultural regions and twists them into a completed narrative, this EP is a marriage of spirit, heart and mind.

Having just recently released on video the song, “Call Of The Wild” the emotives are all felt increasingly in this tracks development. The haunting horn, the steady beat of the percussion, the wanton body moves, and the enticing eyes of Kim Vogels are all mixed together to blend a variety of witchery. It is a song to play for your lover and ignite a night of intoxication between two who are called by the moon. At one point within the song Kim Vogels calls into the wild and it sends your mind racing to a place far, far, away.

True to many creative art forms in music and video presentation coming from the females of the ‘world/folk/blues’ music industry we are seeing and hearing really short made films, and tales which are truly completed as stories in both auditory and visual form. Native, by Kim Vogels is its own complete story. She is in command and nothing is going to take that away from her. Native is a true mix of seduction, cultures, storytelling and a dramatic flair of influences blended without hesitation. Kim Vogels, Native breathes in Flamenco, Klexmer, early Persian, Gypsy, Native American, Blues, Folk, Celtic but most importantly Kim Vogels herself. Native rests easily as its own infusion of free-spirited influences.


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