Kit Saxby Delivers Refreshing New Single “Guava”

Kit Saxby Delivers Refreshing New Single “Guava”

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Taunton, Somerset, UK – February 11, 2020 – Some aspiring artists struggle to get one song finished, let alone enough for an EP. That is where Kit Saxby differs. With several tracks to his name, including his latest single “Guava,” he’s proving to be one of hip hop’s rising indie artists.

“Guava” is the latest single from the 23-year-old maestro. It follows two major releases; “Gold” and “Demons.” Kit Saxby has written several tracks and released four of them on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, and Apple Music. He’s also released a couple of lyric videos as well on YouTube.

At just 23, Kit Saxby has been working and experimenting with music for the past eight years. It was then that he met Steve, his now manager, and the two realized Kit Saxby’s potential and started to make moves. The son of a musician, he took a lot of his music know-how from his father.

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Kit Saxby is a singer-songwriter with a skill set that makes him prone to deliver when he pens the latest hip hop must-hear track. That includes his latest single, “Guava.”

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