L.A. Davis


L.A. Davis

REVERBNATION: http://www.reverbnation.com/ladavis

Singer/songwriter L.A. Davis was born in the bustle and commune of London’s East End. His spirit and determination to succeed come from an overwhelming ability to understand life from a lesser advantaged view point. As a true ‘Cockney’ Londoner, he centers his lyrics right from the heart, it really doesn’t matter what a melody sounds like, if the words aren’t true then listeners are less likely to buy into the ethic of a song.’ he says. Being raised and brought up in London proves to be a true inspiration for this artist, his gravely, yet smoky quality to his voice provides the key distinction between his musical counterpart’s. The CD gets started with the amazement of Change, a track that instantly reminds of groups from the 90s like C&C Music Factory, with its big sound and over the top male/female vocals. If disco were a term used today this would qualify, but since the 90s this sort of music has kept its own edge, having nothing to do with it. I would rate this an instant classic of that order. Track 2 is more of the same with 10 Round With Tyson, and it’s beyond wild but also not what I would consider everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s goof nevertheless. I also think these songs stretch way beyond the parameters of pop. While it might be accessible, it’s still for mature audiences old enough to appreciate it. Set Me On Fire is getting back on track, with just as good of a song, but I give it the edge, that’s all. Just like with the rest here, most of it hits home but a few miss-fire as well. But I like this track as much as anything here. It’s not the best track on offer but certainly one of them. Next up is yet another smooth cut entitled Ammunition, which continues the overall socio-political mission with even more big chorus but less sing-along factors.

Lessons I’ve Learnt, Behind Closed Doors, Time Wasters, and the closing track 365 all check out as well, for a consistent pop release which is high upon the dance blub mix shelf with top notch production values.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/everything-changed/id967656206

SP Clarke

Score: 8/10