Labeled – Souleye


Labeled – Souleye 


Coming from the hot streets of LA, Mario Treadway AKA Souleye brings us a new single named “Labeled”. Known for his style of mixing up Hip Hop with EDM, Funk and R&B the Souleye also known as the “modern hip hop warrior” or the “Hip Hop’s medicine man” brings us another track with a strong message. Evolving from the age of fourteen when he first discovered his interest in rapping, Souleye has come a long way in terms of maturity of his lyrics. As he has already released seven albums independently and the recently released “Shapeshifting” coming as number eight, Souleye has truly engraved himself in the history of Hip Hop, and the track “Labeled” just confirms that his place is well earned.

Following his idea of conscious Hip Hop Souleye puts all his thoughts about stereotypes in this single, because he himself has felt on his skin how it feels to be a target of people who judge the book by its covers. Rapping over a smooth beat with a simple bass line and funky guitar, Souleye talks about war, understanding, happiness and ultimately love.

Beginning with the words “You don’t even know” the track begins the storytelling of Souleye’s story. Speaking of a world where war no longer exists, where people talk with each other instead of fight, Souleye points that the true road to happiness is through understanding, through willingness to learn each other suffering and not judge it. To not judge people by the covers and how it’s nowadays a rarity to find people who first look to the soul of a person and not the outside. Knowing that there are always cultural and social barriers Souleye states that despite that people will find a way to set them self’s up to fall and lose, and how the society slowly destroys families and forces little kids to carry handguns and be ticking time bombs ready to explode. Without the proper guidance the mind of a young person can be a trap, but despite that his lyrics inspire you to never give up. Singing the chorus Souleye lets you know, not to judge, metaphorically him or any other person and in a way the chorus portrays that today’s society doesn’t even try to understand what’s important. On the next verse Souleye lets you know that people are running empty in these rough times, running dry on soul energy causing imbalance in their brains making them feel like they are living in heaven, because in this times heaven has now become material in nature, and in truth it should be completely opposite. Following with a positive vibe over that he speaks with his son, explaining that you chose how to live your life, to live positively and not let small things frustrate you, to look into the clear skies and feel good about yourself, to write your own life like a bestseller book, in a way that makes you fulfilled and happy.

And the greatest message for me from this track is not to forget that we all live together on this Earth and that we should never forget to connect with one another, because if we lose that what is the point of living. Infuse your self’s with positive vibes!

Uros Stankovic

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