Lady Bain Releases A New Soulful Album

Lady Bain Releases A New Soulful Album

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From tragedy to triumph – Lady Bain, an inspiration

Detroit, Michigan – Lady Bain, musician, writer, and philanthropist, has released her latest album. The album, titled ‘Limitless,’ was released on March 19th by the Royal Court Records. It was produced by Rod Bass Heavy Tillman. The new artist also signed a distribution deal with Sony Orchard in collaboration with Force Mds.

Lady Bain seems to be on the fast track to success and recognition. In addition to the deals, she has also been nominated for awards and has won several of them in the past years. She was also nominated for The Jay Williams Gospel Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta this year. The songstress has also been featured on magazine covers.

Of course, the artist’s journey is not without pain and hardships. Four years ago, Lady Bain worked as a Detroit police officer when she lost her job when she was on duty to a drunk driver. In addition to this harrowing incident, she also lost her fiancee to Dementia around the same time. As Lady Bain’s life as she knew it came to a halt, the artist found herself lost and devastated. Guidance came in the form of a high school friend who recommended that the artist get back into singing. Currently, the musician pursues her passion and commutes from Detroit to Houston.

Lady Bain’s upcoming performance will be at  “If Girlfriends Gather ” 2021 Women’s Conference in Atlanta, the Henry Turner Jr Listening Room, and the 4th annual Baton Rouge Soul food Festival. The primarily R&B, Jazz, and soul musician recently recorded a country song track scheduled to be released on May 28th. Exploring talents beyond music, the artist is also currently working on a book. The publication is intended to be about Lady Bain’s struggles and her journey to starting a nonprofit for Dementia patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Coming back to the artist’s music career, she wants to keep it unique and personalized by sharing her emotional experiences through music and melody. Feeling relieved and hopeful through writing music, Lady Bain believes that her articulations mean she has learned something positive in life. Having gone through many hardships, the musician feels inspired by the ups and downs and trials one experiences in life.

Lady Bain wants to connect with people through music and motivate them out of the dark periods of their life. For more information on the artist, please click here. ‘Limitless’ can be found on this website.





Lady Bain is a mother of two grown young men who want to live life to the fullest. She wants to inspire people and help them out of the difficult phases of life through her motivational music. The artist also has a talent for acting and has been in a movie shot in NYC in 2020.



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