Lannie Flowers – live in NYC

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Artist: Lannie Flowers

CD: Live in NYC

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The Review: So as luck would have it I stumble across the latest CD by Texas based artist Lannie Flowers entitled “Live in NYC” recorded at The Trashbar, NY. This artist is clearly punching all the right tickets in his attempt to make a very real connection with listeners. For starters Flowers has released several albums thus far in his musical career after departing the Pangwins. From what I’ve read is touring aggressively around the US as well. Lannie Flowers (hailing from Fort Worth) did what no other artist has EVER done at the 2013 LA Music Awards held in Hollywood in 2014. After 23 years of the LA Music Awards history, Lannie Flowers became the FIRST artist to ever win FOUR prestigious awards in Hollywood at the famous Avalon Theater on November 14. What’s more Flowers took home awards for: ‘Record of the Year’, ‘Rock Artist of the Year’, ‘Breakthrough Video of the Year’, and ‘Social Media Artist of the Year’. I’ve also read his live show is to die for, and after hering this live CD, I have to agree with that assessment.

First off let me just say I really love simple yet emotional rock songwriting that’s pure and genuine. Looking back at the last 20-30 years there have been some truly amazing artists that fit within this realm that gave us the music and songs that are for the ages. Some go through the motions but a few have a special component that you can really groove to. Artists like Tom Petty, Bare-naked Ladies, Great Big Sea, and even The Vanity Project. These bands are diamonds in the rough. From the above masters to more recent bands like Maroon 5, Train, The Shins and Modest Mouse no one can deny the impact such diverse music has upon our musical pop culture. What am I trying to say?  Lannie Flowers is like many of the pre-mentioned bands/artist. When you hit play and listen to the first few grand slam tracks: “I Didn’t Know”, “Give me a Chance” and “Around the World” you will quickly be blessed and enlightened by the musical presence of this artist. “Live in NYC” is to me rock solid live album. It also has so musical and spiritual layers it should be heralded as a gem. Also because this is the material Flowers chose to perform live. The amazing combination of guitar, rhythms, vocals, organ, keyboards, beats and rhythms all behind an impeccable vocalist really hits home. The melodies and lyrics are somewhat clairvoyant, and the vocal harmonies provide the perfect reinforcements just where they need to be – all delivered live from NY.

Why didn’t Flowers record this at say the legendary Cavern Club, in Liverpool? The club sounds like it lives up to its aforementioned name in spades.


“Live in NYC” by Lannie Flowers is truly an invigorating ride. If you feel depressed listen to it and you will feel better (via above link). This is why Flowers was put here on Earth, to make us feel better through his music. All through the brilliant mindset and musical psyche of Flowers. At the end of the day he deserves a lot of credit for being true to himself and making the aforementioned connection. In the end it’s a triumphant and celebratory return of feel good Rock that is tangible and not super tacky. Its strong suit is the amazing arsenal of songs and melodies Flowers brings to the table via powerful yet light hearted lyrics, passion, power, vision and a superlative songwriting craft that goes much deeper that the next Independent Artist.

– Michael Buck


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