Larry Greene Lightens His Rock With Latin Flavors 

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Los Angeles, California – September 23, 2020 – Our heritage shapes how we move through life, whether we notice it or not. For Larry Greene, being part Dominican has meant a lot to him and it is something he wanted to incorporate into his art, his music. Which he has done with his latest love song release, “Back To When You Loved Me.” 

“Back To When You Loved Me” has pure energy throughout. From the press of play Larry Greene’s voice travels over the uptempo arrangement as he implements his Latin flavor into every nook and cranny of his latest single. We often think of love songs as slow ballads with boisterous, booming deliveries – which are great – but it’s nice to hear something stray from the expected; the norm. 

 Larry Greene is a multiinstrumentalist who appreciates a vast array of styles. While “Back To When You Loved Me” is light rock influenced by his Dominican roots, he also enjoys playing around with a myriad of styles including bluegrass. He notes, “All of my music speaks to moments in my life’s journey to where I am now. No regrets or excuses.” 

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