Last False Hope Give Us Faith in Rock


last-false-hope-reviewLast False Hope hails from the windy city and sounds like something you wouldn’t necessarily expect, but then you find out where their roots lay and it all makes more sense. “Outlaw Girls” is not what one would expect from the graphics the band uses. You’d think this was a metal band; turns out they’re a more rockabilly band. Each song has this great country inspired build up, like “Drinking You Goodbye.” You get pumped with the lead in alone. Then the lyrics come in as gritty as can be and you’re even more into it. Shooter Jennings helped out on “1922” and makes it an almost spooky track to get behind. If there’s something to learn about Last False Hope, they’re a band who enjoys a good drink. You had “Drinking You Goodbye” and then “Two Dollar Pints.” If you’re a fan of the fusion of country and punk, well rockabilly, then you’ll like what you hear with Last False Hope. (