Laura Bell-Jack Serves Country Grace On New EP

Laura Bell-Jack Serves Country Grace On New EP

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“Next Year” Out June 27, 2020


Coldstream, United Kingdom – June 23, 2020 – After a trip to Nashville, Laura Bell-Jack is ready to deliver her sophomore release, ‘A Year at a Time,’ due out on all major music and streaming sites soon.

The year was 2019 and UK-based country singer Laura Bell-Jack took the chance to head across the Atlantic to Nashville to work with Artist Service Nashville (ASN). While there she packed her schedule full of photoshoots, video shoots, writing sessions, recording sessions, as well as a performance for a private event during CMA week. All of that hard work resulted in her 2020 EP, ‘A Year at a Time.’ Laura Bell-Jack worked with Bill DiLuigi, Liz Anne Hill, and Bridgette Tatum while in Nashville on four tracks on her EP, but her single “Next Year,” was one she worked on before crossing the pond. “Next Year” explores heading into the unknown after a breakup and not knowing where you’ll be physically, emotionally, and romantically in 365 days. It drops June 27, 2020. 

Laura Bell-Jack came into this world in the late ‘90s and by 2013 she was a 16-year-old who had taught herself to play guitar. Songwriting was the next natural progression in her talent as she found it therapeutic during the wild wild west known as the teenage years. In 2016 she had the opportunity to visit Nashville for the first time and work with a songwriter while there. Since then she’s gone back a few times and never fails to come back with new material – including her upcoming EP, ‘A Year at a Time.’

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