Lauria – Losing Me (single)


Lauria – Losing Me (single)


There’s no need for any debate: female performers have absolutely stolen the show in 2018, and it’s an incredible time for women in music and all of the arts right now. In an even more exciting trend, female artists are often choosing to pursue their careers through a more independent, artist focused route than ever before, and as with all music that is free from commercial pressures and influences, it’s yielding some pretty amazing results. One of the most intriguing women in music right now that I’ve become enamored with is Canadian R&B singer Lauria, a performer who is more than a little bit of a contradiction to the regimented scene that birthed her.

Lauria has all the makings of a big pop singer. She’s got the look, the sound, and the right approach to her subject matter. I don’t think that an A&R department would have a difficult time finding a way to market her to audiences ranging from young adults all the way to the middle aged adult demographic. She’s contemporary, modern but with enough connection to the past that she can appeal to more stubborn ears. She isn’t raunchy or controversial, and her music is palatable without having to be polished and reworked constantly. But there’s something that makes her defiantly indie, and that is what makes her such a perplexingly seductive choice for music fans looking to brighten up their playlists with something new. If she produces songs that are top notch, Billboard quality pop but refuses to give into the corporate elements that make a lot of really excellent singers plain and predictable, her taking the indie route now could make her a legend far down the line from now.

Are volatile politics in the western world are giving way to a new generation of empowered, inspiring music that encourages us to press forward, evolve our thinking and constantly be changing in favor of becoming more well-rounded, accomplished individuals. No matter where your loyalties lie or what your ideology may or may not consist of, this is a time to express and create through every medium like the flower children on the 60’s could have never even imagined or hoped for. This isn’t the digital age; more correctly, it ought to be titled the age of great creation. On every front we’re expressing, and as someone who has never had a religion other than music, this is without a doubt the most divine period of my life, and probably all our lives as free spirits. As socially divided as we may be, artists like Lauria are uniting us through the power of music and defying the odds to make things much better in the long term scheme of things. “Losing Me” is a great slice of rhythm and blues heaven, but the biggest thing to take note of about this single is what it’s forewarning us of. Lauria has arrived, and she isn’t going to waste anytime climbing to the top of the pop music heap and taking her message of life and self with her. If her music is any indication of her deeper moral backbone, she’s just the woman for the job.


Jamie Morse