Leah Capelle

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Leah Capelle 

URL: https://www.leahcapelle.com/ 

If you actually do the math, there´s a really rare amount of singers that find the way to create their own signature and don´t be compared to others in the scene. Luckily, there are indeed people like say Dolores O´Riordan, Rihanna or even Shakira, that once you listen to their music you immediately know who´s singing it. Somehow, though not quite entirely, we place Leah Capelle into this category. Though the riffs and music is reminiscent of pretty much any folk artist you know, her voice –at least for me- hit me from the beginning and I know that whatever she sang or play, it will be lovely. 

This is a very inspiring and beautifully produced record from tip to toe, it has this great folky riffs in ¨Would You Know¨ to a set of great string arrangements and subtle drum lines on ¨In A Boat¨, a sweet and minimal song where Leah finds the way to get lost in the sound and blend with it. It really has that Disney-esque, naïve touch as well, that fits so well with Capelle vocals. As you listen through, there´s almost a perfect consistency on every song, one works as a follow up to the other building up this kind of personal diary. 

Now, let´s again be honest, though the music is beyond beautiful and sweet, the truth is that not everyone´s going to like it. The thing I see the most people complaining about is that it´s maybe way too sentimental. There´s not really a glimpse of joy, musically speaking – which is ok, we can´t all go pharrell all the time and start praising happiness. 

In the end, though not everyone´s going to like it, those who indeed appreciate this type of music will find themselves beyond delighted. Capelle really pours her heart and emotion in every song and like I mentioned before, it really touch you. I’ve heard many great singer-songwriters both in the mainstream and indie scene, for decades, but here´s one that´s –in the words of former American Idol coach- in it to win it. So do what she does, open your feeling and let her music take you a place greater than wonderland. 

Rating: 9/10 

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– RJ Frometa


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