Let There Be Darkness Comes Out With New Album, ‘Satanic Celebrity’

Let There Be Darkness Comes Out With New Album, ‘Satanic Celebrity’

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Listen to Let There Be Darkness’ Gothic Masterwork in Latest Release

Los Angeles, California – Let There Be Darkness is an industrial music project started by Charles Richburg. Charles is an African-American who loves all things goth. After being in the goth/industrial music scene for over 20 years, Charles aims to create a unique gothic experience for niche listeners with unapologetic and raw music.

‘Satanic Celebrity’ is the band’s latest album release containing 4 tracks. This includes their most successful single yet, “Eat My Cult” which has over 14,000 plays on Spotify and 2,000 views on Youtube. When exposed to this music, listeners will feel transported to a goth club, dancing to the hard-hitting melodies.

The band’s music is influenced by works of Charles’ favorite industrial bands like Nine Inch Nails, Suicide Commando, and Velvet Acid Christ.

Charles describes their music goal best as, “I believe that we all create our own heaven and hell here on planet Earth.” With their music, Let There Be Darkness hopes to break down conventional barriers and push listeners to explore the world for themselves. Future plans, for now, include continuing to make dark yet alluring music for the whole world to hear.

Check out Let There Be Darkness and their music, available for streaming and purchase. Listeners can also follow the band on major music and social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube. To contact them for reviews, interviews, and collaborations, use the information given below.





Let There Be Darkness is a gothic band with Charles Richburg, the band’s vocalist and lyricist. Charles Richburg has been in the goth and industrial scene for the past twenty years. As a niche musician, darkness is a common theme in all his music, where darkness becomes a symbol of negativity and despair. The band aims to give listeners a new perspective on society and question conventional ideas.




Let There Be Darkness
Charles Richburg
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Main Website URL https://lettherebedarknessmusic.com
Youtube Video URL https://youtu.be/J7AFP1tT1CY
Youtube URL https://www.youtube.com/c/charlesrichburg

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