Linda Washington Brings The Soul Of Survivor To Music And Literature

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Artist Tells Story of Cancer Battle

Springfield, MA – October 30, 2020- Linda Washington is a heroine; a singer, songwriter, author, and breast cancer survivor. She has detailed her fight in her latest “Missing You” with Linda featuring superstar Lamar is a song that details a personal and emotional journey for the artist. It will change the lives of those who listen to Linda’s music.

“Missing You” contains both sadness and joy with its lyrics. It is about a loss of self but also about finding love again. Linda’s strong voice is accompanied by superstar Lamar’s strong vocals. The smooth rhythms in the music will fill the hearts of listeners, showing them they can still find love. All of this is done with a melodic R&B sound. Linda’s breast cancer battle has also been detailed in her book “Forbidden And Broken Finding Love Behind The Scars.” The book is an emotional journey through Linda’s fight and her years as a survivor. The story is meant to inspire others to think of themselves as a person, not just a disease. The messages of hope are clearly stated in both her music and her book. “Miss You” is available on streaming platforms and “Forbidden And Broken Finding Love Behind The Scars” are for sale on Kindle.

Linda Washington is a talented author and singer who experience the battle for her life. The cancer fight inspired her to make music a part of her healing journey. Linda wants to inspire others to keep fighting and find love and happiness in their lives. Linda is also a mother of four and an advocate for cancer survivors everywhere.

To listen to more of her music, or for interested parties to reach out to Linda Washington for an interview on their site, podcast, or radio show, you can make contact via the information provided below.

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