Lockjaw Smile Pops and Rocks


Lockjaw Smile ReviewLockjaw Smile is a pop rock band from the east coast who has a little bit of this and a little bit of that. “Sweet Sugar Baby” has this rock feel but with a bit of pop to it because it’s not a heavy rocker track, but more of light time. With “Lisa Song” slows things down and gets heartfelt with well crafted lyrics of sentiment. Things do get a bit heavier with “Windows,” well when it starts anyways. What I like about “Blue Eyes” is that it really created a great retro atmosphere. It was kind of ’60s but modern in a way like it could be on a Weezer record. Sticking with the colorful theme, “Red Dress Girl” does not give off the Weezer but a bit more gritty side of Lockjaw Smile. If you want a heads up on which to definitely check out to get a vibe for the band and in this case it’s “Lucid Love,” so you’re welcome for that note. If you’re into bands like Weezer, then make sure to get in the know with Lockjaw Smile. (http://www.reverbnation.com/lockjawsmile)