Long Gun Registry: Chamber Music


Long Gun Registry ReviewLong Gun Registry’s “Chamber Music” is a folk rock record that intertwines tradition with modern, electrical twists. The record kicks into gear with a very airy track called “All the Days” and then gets a little edgy with “Until This Body Fails Me.” You can hear the heart and soul of Long Gun Registry’s folk roots in “Aeyo” as the strings play a huge part in carrying this one from start to finish. One of the best on the record has to be the story being told in “Before the Sun Goes Down.” It felt really well-rounded as a track. Then it’s back to the fine tuned folk with “Kick Out the Lights,” and “No More.” Rounding out the album is the sing-along “Freedom Falling” and two tracks that deserve more than a quick note. “Guilty” really acts as a great anchor for the overall sound of “Chamber Music.” I also love and appreciate the placement of “Death.” It’s the last thing we do with our existence and rightfully the last track of the album. I’m not sure if they meant it to be as symbolic as I made it, but it’s appreciated. If you’re into Folk rock music then you have to give Long Gun Registry’s “Chamber Music” a listen before you do anything else today. (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/longgunregistry)