Magnificent Birds of Prey

Magnificent Birds of Prey

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Band: Magnificent Birds of Prey

CD: Kaleidoscope


Rating 7.5/10

This 11 track musical experience from Philadelphia based 4 piece Alternative Rock band “Magnificent Birds of Prey’ is a diverse offering that creates a mood that is perfect for anyone who really “listens” to music rather than enjoying it in the background. Formed by friends from Philadelphia, New Jersey & Pittsburgh; the sound of the Northeast exports, Magnificent Birds of Prey reflects the loud, dirty and addictive nature of their respective suburbs, set to the heartbeat of the City of Brotherly Love.

Magnificent Birds of Prey are: Carl Kunz Jr. (Guitar / Vocals), Chris LaFrancis (Bass, Synths, Backing Vocals), Joel Adams (Drums & Percussion) and Lyle Kelch Jr. (Vocals / Guitar).

I live in a big city comparable to a place like Philadelphia. I also live in a city on the East Coast where inspiration comes from daily emotive impressions including a bumper-sticker, scribbles on a wall, signs of various purpose and from these static and fixed messages, an evocative and emotive pulse is brought forth. With a tantalizing mixture of  alternative rock ballads this band combines soulful vocals and thought provoking lyrics with a nice guitar driven rock sound. Perhaps Influenced by Live, Queens of the Stone Age, Dog’s Eye View and Finger eleven, Magnificent Birds of Prey present impressive rock playing and songwriting. There’s no questioning musical credibility here established right from the beginning on tracks like “Sticks and Stones”. “Statue” and the closers “Drive” and “Lullaby”. Kaleidoscope as a whole presents grooved rhythm section washing over the senses before effortlessly flowing into a hard rocking feel.

Kunz lays down a slightly whimsical vocal style presenting a yearning for things to come. “Can’t Wash my Soul” has these guys playing with a sense of musical cohesion easy to groove to among such comparables as the aforementioned bands. The music can be flipped out and unpredictable at times with mysterious lyrics and strategic hooks. Much of “Kaleidoscope” is not to be underestimated or dismissed easily. Kunz is clearly the focal point within the band and he’s one of the best vocalists I’ve heard from an east coast rock band this year. This CD is packed with thoughtful and a stellar performance that could easily flip to the more self indulgent mindset. “Kaleidoscope” presents a soul stirring, slightly eccentric but incredibly bold record proving these 4 have a powerful vision. Magnificent Birds of Prey have released several albums and songs thus far in their musical career, thus deserving of far wider recognition past the City of Brotherly Love. Whether you like straight up Hard Rock of more of a Melodic to Alternative based format these 4 are making their unique musical voice heard in an otherwise commercial myriad of soulless corporate clutter.

Solid playing, intriguing compositions and a rocked out sound that knows no boundaries has “Magnificent Birds of Prey” scoring well with me here. If this release slipped past you then you should take notice via the link below.


by Chris Allen

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