Make No Mistakes about The Mistaken


The Mistaken ReviewThe Mistaken is a cast of colorful characters creating music that jumps from here to there faster than kids pretending the floor is lava. “George Zapata” has a Spanish flare to it with the music and language speaking as the lyrics of the song are sung. With “Hurt” we head away from that and it really turns more into a ’90s alternative college rock scene. It’s like Cake mated with a folk artist and this song was the result. Piano pop plays heavily with “Serial Romance.” “It’s Always Sunny” fans may be drawn to this as it sounds like something Charlie would sing as Bob Dylan. The drama comes through with “Somebodys Birthday” as the intro creates a very theatrical atmosphere. Then we dial it back and get lighthearted with “Voyager.” This one sounds like a sweet thing you’d sing to one you loved. Finally, “Big Top” takes us back to the theatrics, or rather the circus. It’s more vaudeville than anythin else. In the end all you can say about The Mistaken is that they don’t lack variety and that every song has its own personality. If you like music that doesn’t follow the rules, check out The Mistaken before you do anything else today. (