Makichi Announce New Alternative Release ‘The Rain Has Stopped’ 

Makichi Announce New Alternative Release ‘The Rain Has Stopped’ 

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New Album Available Soon 


Erstein, France – June 30, 2020 – Makichi took home the silver trophy for their 2019 EP, ‘Error,’ at the Global Music Awards and now have plans to win big again with their upcoming release, ‘The Rain Has Stopped.’ 

Alternative duo Makichi marries Iranian composer Ash’s musicianship with Sonia’s French vocal stylings. Ironically enough, the pair are married themselves. Born to a famous Iranian composer, music has always been a part of Ash’s existence. He spent his youth playing in various rock bands, but nothing stuck until he met Sonia after she relocated to Iran for work. While their music was forbidden because it featured female vocals, they pushed forward until eventually moving to France in 2017. Since coming together they’ve released multiple records and even more singles. Their upcoming release, ‘The Rain Has Stopped,’ is currently in post production with Iranian sound engineer Faraz Taali at the helm, and will be available later this year.

‘The Rain Has Stopped’ combines their worlds as it not only represents where each grew up and called home within the heart of the record, but it is also going to be a bilingual album. A concept album, ‘The Rain Has Stopped’ will tell their tales and cover everything from their relationship to what it was like for Ash to be an Iranian immigrant in a new land. Timely, heartfelt, and stirring – this album should earn them more Global Award recognition when the time comes. 

Those interested in adding new alternative music to their playlists, reviewing ‘The Rain Has Stopped’ when available, or interviewing Makichi for their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

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