Making Waves in Hip Hop with Soulful and Striking Melodies and Rhythms – Lee Lewis Amazes with Electric New R&B Albums

Making Waves in Hip Hop with Soulful and Striking Melodies and Rhythms – Lee Lewis Amazes with Electric New R&B Albums

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Titled “20” and “the Gospel according to Jesus,” Lee Lewis’ electrifying new R&B albums are set to entertain and enliven listeners

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — July 23rd, 2023 – A multi-talented, multi-genre artist, Lee Lewis continues to deliver riveting and ingenious singles, cementing his place as an artist to watch out for. Presenting smooth and stunning musical compositions which straddle the genres of Hip Hop and Gospel, the seasoned artist, songwriter, rapper brings a heartfelt authenticity to the beloved genre.

The artist’s thrilling new records, “20” and “the Gospel according to Jesus” offer an insightful outlook within the mind of the artist, setting the stage for his many escapades ahead. Lewis’ R&B record, “20” captures compelling rhythms and tunes, set against honest and reflective lyricism. Similarly, his upcoming album “”the Gospel according to Jesus” is set to come out in fall 2023, and features a unique, illuminating story tale.

With a journey that began in the recent past, emerging singer-songwriter Lee Lewis has quickly gained recognition for his unique and remarkable musical abilities. Lee has exciting new projects in the works, including two upcoming albums that are highly anticipated by his fans and industry insiders.

The artist’s iconic R&B album, titled “20,” promises to showcase his versatile style, while “The Gospel According to Jesus” aims to uplift spirits with its powerful melodies. Listeners can enjoy Lee Lewis’s music on a popular streaming platform, where his captivating tracks have already garnered attention.

Bringing a fresh sound which captivates audiences, Lee Lewis has risen against all the odds stacked up against him and remains an exciting artist to watch. Beyond music, Lee aspires to be a multi-faceted entertainer, using his talent to inspire audiences globally. His dreams are fueled by a deep passion for spreading positivity and inspiration through his craft.

The skilled singer-songwriter has also faced several personal challenges on his journey but has emerged stronger and more determined than ever to actualize his talent. With a moving story of success, Lee Lewis is without a doubt, a talent and bold artist of today.

Visit Lee Lewis’ official Spotify to listen to his exhilarating new music and experience the immersive and authentic take he offers in Hip Hop and Gospel. Follow the artist’s musical journey on Instagram @pentonlewis27 and reach out to the artist at 267-928-1749 or through email at [email protected] for interviews, reviews, and/or collaboration opportunities.




Lee Lewis is a multi-talented Gospel and Hip Hop artist, singer, rapper, and performer who has been captivating audiences with his soulful and diverse musical style. Inspired by a range of legendary artists, Lee’s music reflects his passion for spreading inspiration and positivity. Despite facing personal challenges, Lee Lewis remains committed to his artistic journey, and his upcoming albums are eagerly awaited by fans and industry professionals. As he continues to grow as an artist and performer, Lee Lewis’s profound impact on the music industry is undeniable.


Lee Lewis
Name: Lee Lewis
Address: 5418 Merion ave, 5418 Stewart street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 267-928-1749




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