Mala Serpiente Scares Up Some Metal


Mala Serpiente ReviewMala Serpiente is a metal duo out of Arizona made up of Alfred Ortiz and Rene the Reaper. Together they’ve created music that’s meant for headbanging and thrashing. “Escape of the Hellbound” would scare the lighthearted out there. It’s definitely not for those whose iPod if filled with the likes of Justin Bieber. After the fright of that we move onto “Midnight Chimes.” Here the guitar shines with the intro while the gritty, yet terrifying vocals come through like a pleasant nightmare. The best part about “Vengeance Rising” is the pulsating start. It can’t be topped. The vocals are a little less menacing, but still pack the horror movie feel in “Cold Steel.” As we come to the end we reach “Dark Domain.” Musically this one is heavy, but not as heavy as what we’ve heard. The vocals however, do take us to a dark place. If you like your music metal to the max, check out Mala Serpiente today. (