Manuel K Drops New Rocking Single, “The Wave”

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Azmoos, SG, Switzerland — On December 07, 2023, Manuel K will release his eighth single „The Wave“ worldwide.

Manuel K on “The Wave”: “This song is brand new. I wrote the lyrics during this year’s summer vacation in Italy and started recording the first demos soon after. During August/September, I recorded all instruments and vocals in my home studio in Switzerland except drums. On drums you can hear the incredibly talented Gina “G” Osmar (USA). The track was mixed and mastered in Canada by mixing mastermind Delwyn Brooks and mastering pro Greg Reely. This song is angrier, louder and more rocking than all my previous ones. But it’s very catchy and memorable.”

Manuel K is an independent rock singer, songwriter, guitarist, and keyboardist born and raised in the eastern part of Switzerland where the mountains are high, the valleys deep and the water clear. A place where the ambiance showcases God’s simplistic importance of life, family, and nature. Therefore it’s hardly surprising Manuel K’s music sounds pure, honest, handmade, and played mostly on real instruments; but even so modern and timeless.

Throughout his life, his favorite genres have been Rock in all it’s glory – with flavors of Blues, Country, and Folk. So it’s not surprising that Manuel K was the former founder, main songwriter, lead singer, and guitarist of the rock band Nextmile and the side project Rockcousins. After releasing several EPs, two digital singles, a digital album, playing many live gigs and appearing on TV and radio across Switzerland, the band decided to go separate ways in 2012. This led Manuel K to start his solo project soon after. As a solo artist he released seven singles “Back to Guitars (Demo)”, “Tonight”, “Live Without You (2014)”, “Follow You”, “Tonight (Instrumental)”, “The Way of Life”, “The Way of Life Instrumental)” and the EP “Follow You” so far. His singles “Live Without You (2014)”, „Follow You” and “The Way of Life” were very well received with good reviews on music blogs and airplay from online radio stations around the world.

Over the years, Manuel K’s songs did well at songwriting contests and topped various charts on online platforms such as ReverbNation, Broadjam and OurStage. He is also an active artist on social media. All this led to remarkable streams on Spotify and YouTube plays. Manuel K’s music is available on all major online music platforms.

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