Marc Daniels drops “Redheads” single


Marc Daniels drops “Redheads” single


American singer-songwriter and guitarist, Marc Daniels builds a deep connection with his audience by offering heartfelt and down-to-earth lyrics that are poured over lively rock influenced country music. Breaking into the country-rock music scene in 2016, Marc Daniels debuted his full-length album, The Starting Line. Produced by Tom Chandler, the album pays homage to Marc’s past experiences while growing up in rural America and is comprised of soulful vocals, blazing guitar melodies and heavy basslines. The nine-song collection includes roof-raising anthems, with the new single and video, “Redheads.” This country rock singer-songwriter, now based in Northern, CA, is no new-comer. He’s from Spokane, WA, where kicking around for the last decade has given him much to sing about on this album. He sings of fond memories, but also jokes about it. “Redheads” falls under the latter, while it also pays homage to his favorite type of women.

This is a well-rounded musician with a background that isn’t all country music. It brings his roots and newly found passion together and leaves the rest behind. This is produced very well but every artist is on their own after it’s released, and the video is essential to it. But does it take it too far, or line up perfectly with what the song is all about. The latter is up to eyes and ears, not just ears only. It gets going in a way you can follow the track so much better to than your imagination. At least that is how it comes off to me within the first few seconds of the video, so, don’t underestimate that. What’s missing in the truck, can always been seen on the screen, so to speak. And there are plenty of good looks to be had, which aren’t hard to see either. This is rue no matter who you are, and he not only knows that much, he nailed it all the way in that department. Marc is also a great guitar player with a lead perspective that conducts without hogging an arrangement, and “Redheads” is just one testament of that. You can hear his signature playing all over this, but never get the feeling it’s all about guitars, as everyone blends together like they’re supposed to. But it’s not all roses if you’re watching, because he gets himself in everything from trouble to a not so happy ending for himself as you will see. It’s funny, nothing more and nothing less. If I were to choose though, I’d stick with the audio after getting through the video once or twice for kicks. That’s just my opinion, weighing in less for the visuals aspects and more for the purity of the number itself.

I would still rather have seen the video than not, and that’s another testament for Daniels and “Redheads” for what it’s worth. Put them together and it’s better, but keep them apart and it’s no loss either. This is a win-win, lose-lose, or win-lose gamble, depending on where you stand for each medium. But as for the song and the artist in general, this single gives as good a reason as any to pick up The Starting Line and go with Marc Daniels on his musical journey from there.


Mike Tabor