Margo Rey – “Never 2 Late”


Margo Rey – “Never 2 Late” 


Margo Rey is an experienced musician, singer, and songwriter who earned considerable experience in everything from rock bands to jazz outfits before finally striking out on her own. Rey brings an appreciation for distinctive rhythms and a penchant for unusually soulful phrasing in her new single “Never 2 Late”, but its accomplishments reach further than that. The polished production highlights its many musical strengths but, likewise, frames the song and its message in compellingly dramatic fashion.  

It’s an enormous pleasure to hear how she wraps her vocal around the backing track. Much of the credit for this seamless merger goes, undoubtedly, to her songwriting collaboration with Hall of Famer John Oates of the legendary Philadelphia duo Hall and Oates. Their collaboration is a rousing success because of its vividly modern touch and skillful adherence to traditional songwriting strengths.  

Intangibles, however, often push songs to the next level and that’s the case here. The accumulation of a life well lived brings gravity and freedom to Rey’s performance. It’s quite possible to close your eyes while the song plays and hear in her voice the sound of life’s disappointments transformed into resilience and joy. The musical accompaniment compliments her singing well, but without question, Rey is the song’s biggest star. 

The lyrical content has its personal thrust, but it’s impressive how the track remains open to an assortment of interpretations. However, no matter how you spin its intent, the positive impulse behind the track’s message never varies. Rey’s clear-eyed, sincere performance never lapses into sentimentality or cliché. She conveys that positive message with emotion and palpable enthusiasm. “Never 2 Late” is a great success for Rey and will surely help her continue to build a career that’s already attracted tremendous attention. It’s entertaining and meaningful in a rare way and points to an even brighter future to come. 


Lydia Hillenburg