Marking His Territory with a Compelling Underground Appeal – Att!cus Wins Hearts with New Track “Cashing Out”

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Creating music that is geared towards fans of Hip Hop but also representative of his distinct tastes and dynamism, Att!cus is changing the face of the genre

Austin, TX — An individual who brings his own stirring and matchless energy to the forefront, Att!cus is a budding singer-songwriter in Hip Hop. Carving out his own captivating world view, the talented artist showcases a never-seen-before charisma and flair. His exciting new single, “Cashing Out” features rejuvenating and hip rhythms that blend in seamlessly with the artist’s vocals and song writing.

“Cashing Out” is also a collaborative single and features the brilliance of up-and-coming singer and artist, Rich Amiri. An artist who demands attention and that too for all the right reasons, Att!cus is inspired by numerous Hip Hop and Rap stars of today. Some of his main inspirations include: Playboi Carti, Young Thug, Future, and Juice WRLD.

“Cashing Out” was released for all audiences on Att!cus’ official music streaming platforms on November 11th, 2022. The new single follows onto several other tracks by the young hitmaker- many of which already boast 1000s of streams on Spotify and Apple Music. His single, “Scat” has over 25K streams on Spotify alone, and tracks such as “Scat,” “Blues Clues,” and “wasting time” have also swiftly become favourites.

Att!cus’ 2022 album, ‘Too Much Talk’ also generated quite the buzz, garnering several positive reviews from all across the board. Despite marking his debut only recently in April 2022, Att!cus has built a brand and identity which has few rivals.

“Listeners might feel excited when listening to my music. My music is made unique by the fact that I just make what I want to hear myself. If I don’t like a song, I won’t release it. If I do, I will,” says the artist.

Att!cus plans on releasing an album within the next two or three months, delivering a knockout mix of hard trap as well as more mellow Rap. 

Stream Att!cus’ new music on Spotify Music, YouTube, Soundcloud, or wherever you can listen to music. If you like the kind of music the talented artist is putting out, feel free to contact him for an interview, review his work, or reach out for any collaborative opportunities with new projects!



Atticus, better known by his musical identity Att!cus only recently started making music. The young artist began uploading for fun but soon realized that his music was resonating amidst audiences and began to grow a sizable fanbase. The Austin-based rapper Att! launched his first song in 2022, debuting with a flow reminiscent of other popular rappers such as Yeat and melodies which were evocative of the works of Young Thug.

Att!cus’ style is very distinctive in its sound. Everything from the way that his vocals are able to stand out against the music to the arrangement of his lyrics are unique, making certain elements like abrupt crescendos and high-pitched adlibs his trademark sound. Both of these elements were highlighted in his first album, “Too Much Talk”, which released in late 2022.


Name: Att!cus
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