Mary Washington Brooks: Rock Your World


Mary Washington Brooks featuring the Beer Brothers ReviewMary Washington Brooks is a soulful singer that has a cool cat mentality that has her boys in the Beer Brothers helping her out. “Rock Your World” has a very good vibe and sets a cool cat vibe for the rest of your listening experience. Just in time for the end of the season, “Summertime” is a song that really winds down this time of year. It’s a perfect track to put on towards the end when you have those last BBQs and beach getaways. What one loves most about “Need More Baby” is the confidence you can hear in Brooks vocals. She plays it cool, but there is a power there. Something everyone wants to hear when in a relationship is how great it is and Brooks has sort of made an anthem for that sentiment with “Loving You Rocks.” In this day and age the booty call is stronger than ever thanks to sites like OK Cupid and apps such as Tinder, so here’s a song for those who don’t want to be treated as an object – done in a classy way, “I Can’t Be Your Booty Call.” If you like music that has a love for modern blues, check out Mary Washington Brooks featuring the Beer Brothers. (