Massaro Bursts On To The Burgeoningly Vibrant Hip Hop Scene With a Unique Twist

Massaro Bursts On To The Burgeoningly Vibrant Hip Hop Scene With a Unique Twist

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Williamstown, NJ —31-12-2021, In the ever-expanding universe of modern hip-hop and trap, there is always room for experimentation and fresh ideas. Jacob Massaro and Thomas Thompson present VaderLand. The collective prides itself in its ability to produce soothing and “chill” hip-hop. Both Massaro and Thomspon, have written music extensively in the past but what was intended to be a small reunion between the two led them to realize that there was some serious musical chemistry between them. Thus, VaderLand was born.

Each song features a stripped-back instrumental as the artists are great believers of the idea that “less is more”. A good example of this is their song titled “How Do I Still Want You” which features a live guitar layered over some reverbed percussion. Layered overall this is a haunting vocal track echoing through the instrumentation. It is this “lo-fi” nature of their music that makes it so accessible and easy to put on repeat countless times. There is also a wide variety of instrumentation in their discography which is evidence that they are not afraid to experiment or reinvent themselves. This lack of fear is what will assure their longevity as musical artists.

VaderLand’s music deals with a multitude of complex themes. While most songs have this melancholic and despondent tone to them, there are also uplifting songs. This thematic diversity ensures that every listener will find something that appeals to them. Songs like “Call Me Father” are an excellent example of their introspective lyricism which explores the artist’s inner demons and struggles while simultaneously using religious concepts as metaphors. Such allegorically complex songs will appeal to every rap fan who likes dissecting complex lyrics.

Determined to make it big, Jacob Massaro and Thomas Thompson are passionately working day and night to further hone their musical craft to the finest of edges while lifting others they meet during their journey. In their own words, “We want to help artists around the world with our expertise in recording, video, and music production. “This determination combined with their unique selling point is sure to garner them quite an audience.

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VaderLand is a musical collective comprised of Jacob Massaro and Thomas Thompson. Hailing from Williamstown, New Jersey, they have commendable experience writing music. Now, they have united to finally pursue their true musical passions.


Name: Jacob Massaro
Address: 1672 victory avenue, williamstown, NJ
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 6094018983




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