Matthew L. Farris Takes a Bold and Refreshing Approach to an Artist’s Negative Introspection On His “My Tell-Tale Heart EP”.

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Chicago, IL, USA — Thursday, March 5th, 2020 — Fresh from the upcoming EP My Tell-Tale Heart, Matthew L Farris’ Rose Colored Glasses hits the hip hop scene with a fresh air of integrity and an uninhibited, creatively freestyle.

While a track that quickly captivates for its unapologetic honesty, the pre-chorus defiantly becomes a stand out moment – it offers resolve and respite from the intensity of the verses, a moment to reflect; it’s perfectly lyrically crafted and is followed up by a simple yet alternatively melodic hook. The verses are of course where the details lie though, clearly, articulate writing pours through amidst deeply honest observations on the self.

Topically detailing mental health issues, isolation, alcoholism, and drug abuse, Rose Colored Glasses (in addition to a good portion of the other tracks on his “My Tell-Tale Heart EP” ) begs for a brighter view of the world. It’s a deeply relatable concept throughout his catalog and Farris’ openness is undoubtedly one of his strongest selling points.

The upcoming EP offers a respectable level of eclecticism but holds close to this Farris sound. The musical style – often piano-led ambiances with mellow, classic beats – sticks to a certain format, maintaining a particular mood. Lyrically though, Farris digs deep into a plethora of topics.

Alone is perhaps the most experimental and unusual of the playlist, taking a haunting, atmospheric approach, with less lyrical density and just a few distinct ideas at play. Overcome is something of a highlight, subtly tipping its hat to contemporary hip hop but also utilizing melody and space, conceptual depth, to a strong degree. The confessional is undoubtedly one of the more detailed, specific tracks – a piece dedicated to Farris’ father and the impact of his death. A new flow, short rhymes, an emotive soundscape, help draw your attention from the offset.

Undoubtedly an artist paving his own way, staying true to his unique qualities, writing for therapeutic reasons and laying bare an unquestionable truth in the process, Farris aims to reach the listener in a way that few artists do anymore.

Open and honest about both his transgressions and his faith, his misgivings, and his conquests, Farris considers his music to be on the “outskirts of hip-hop”.

As he puts it; “I make music that could be, but really isn’t, for everyone.  I make music for those who might need it.  I want to reach their spirit first, a lot of people want to reach a fan’s wallet first….we’re built differently”

This is the 2nd of 7 scheduled EP releases for Farris this year, with no intention of slowing down, and it will also be his 5th solo project.

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With an unbridled, uninhibited honesty, Matthew L. Farris and his “My Tell-Tale Heart EP” approach hip-hop with a refreshingly bold take.  With a combination of technical proficiency, melodic hooks, unflinching self-reflection, and a “take me as I am” attitude, Farris has managed to create a style that can sound both very familiar yet simultaneously unique to him.

You can preview the album and see what songs DIDN’T make the cut here before it’s publicly available while staying up to date on announcements, merchandise releases, and behind the scenes footage of the recording process here –





Matthew L. Farris is not a rapper. And he would prefer to not be referred to as such.

An artist that prides himself on substance, while shunning the typical bravado that hip-hop is so widely recognized for, Farris is creating music for an audience that yearns for honesty, authenticity, and the raw emotion that is rarely found in the genre anymore.





Matthew L. Farris
16020 lorel ave

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