Mayhem Muzic Proves To Be The New Rap Queen With “Off The Porch”

Mayhem Muzic Proves To Be The New Rap Queen With “Off The Porch”

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Atlanta, Georgia – November 8, 2019 – Queen Latifah, Lil Kim, and Cardi B are about to have a new female rap god in their presence as Atlanta’s own Mayhem Muzic is heating things up with her new single, “Off The Porch.”

As soon as one hits play, Mayhem Muzic spits bars with so much finesse in “Off The Porch” one would never know that she just started taking on rhymes two years ago. In just a couple of years she’s taken an interest and through her work ethic and talent has created a path towards a full-fledged career that’s making her a local favorite on stations like 94.5 which has featured her freestyle in the past.

“Off The Porch” comes at you fast and doesn’t let up until you reach the final destination. Mayhem Muzic delivers every line with such force as she makes her presence known in this powerhouse single that’s bound to take not only hip hop fans by storm but the world as it’s catchy ways hook have the ability to hook in an instant.

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Mayhem Muzic is proving to be a force in the hip hip realm with her latest single, “Off The Porch.”

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