Meet Bright Brown: Compelling Songs On A Chapman Stick

Meet Bright Brown: Compelling Songs On A Chapman Stick

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Finding Reflection From A Bleak Year In Bright Brown’s Newest Songs

Brooklyn, New York – Bright Brown is the songs of Alex Nahas, an avant singer/songwriter who plays the rarely seen Chapman Stick. The Unusual textures and broad sonic pallette of the instrument along with Nahas’s poetic baritone vocals inform his unique intimate yet cinematic style, drawing comparisons to David Bowie, Bon Iver, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley, and David Byrne amongst other songwriting trailblazers. 

From the chaos of 2020, Nahas has managed to  write, produce, record, mix & release his most intimate and reflective work to date, the two new EPs‘Bound’ & ‘Too Wide To See’, & the single,’Rivers’. Although the EPs were mostly solo efforts, with Nahas playing most of the instruments, ‘Rivers’ was a true pandemic collaboration with other musicians contributing their parts remotely before he mixed & released it on New Years Day, 2021.

Bright Brown’s new EPs, ‘Too Wide To See’ and ‘Bound,’ and the single, ‘Rivers are out now on all major streaming platforms. For more information about the artist, visit his official website and social media pages.



Bright Brown is sonic cinema, the visually poetic songwriting of Brooklyn based singer and Chapman Stick player, Alex Nahas. Bittersweet layers and textures abound, and beautifully crafted songs exist at the core. Nahas’s verse boldly chooses to sit “between the meager and the mundane” elevating the everyday. He generates a broad sonic palette on the rarely seen, Chapman Stick conjuring up a filmic landscape.

Originally hailing from San Francisco where he formed the critically acclaimed art rock ensemble, Laughingstock, Nahas has collaborated in the studio and on stage with John Vanderslice, Zoe Keating, DJ Shadow, Mates of State, and Jill Tracy amongst other artful denizens of the SF music scene. He’s also shared the stage with the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, Richard Buckner, Spoon, Frank Black, and Robin Guthrie of The Cocteau Twins.



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