Memorizing God’s Word Through Scripture Songs: Rising Christian Artist Ainy Evelyn Stephen Mesmerizes Listeners with New Album

Memorizing God’s Word Through Scripture Songs: Rising Christian Artist Ainy Evelyn Stephen Mesmerizes Listeners with New Album

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Instilling within listeners the spirit of peace, light, and love, soul-stirring singer-songwriter Ainy Evelyn Stephen is driven to captivate listeners with new 15-track album, ‘Arise Shine: Scripture Songs’

Tanjung Tualang, Perak, Malaysia- August 22nd, 2021- Cultivating peace within the hearts, minds, and souls of her listeners, Christian singer-songwriter Ainy Evelyn Stephen is set to soar. Catalyzed by an aim to encourage people to embrace love, and happiness, the talented artist amazes listeners, with a soulful and memorable 15-track album, titled ‘Arise Shine- Scripture Songs’.

With each stirring scripture song, the artist hopes to guide listeners towards memorization of the bible, weaving the path towards the Lord, and using her talents for the greater good.
Fueled by a passion for composing music, Ainy Evelyn remains steadfast in her mission to fulfil what she believes is life’s purpose: to serve God and hasten His second coming. Early on, Ainy began connecting her love of music with her love of God, and the result is her splendid, sensory, and soul-stirring Scripture songs, which encourage memorization of the Bible.

Ainy is also a strong believer and an advocate of True Education- the harmonious development of the physical, mental, and spiritual powers. Apart from guiding listeners with her own vocal and lyrical brilliance, she supports learning that prepares listeners not only for this life but for the whole period of existence.

“What inspires me to make music is the love of God and the love of music combined. When listeners listen to my music they have peace, hope and joy. My music is unique because it is the word of God,” says Ainy Evelyn Stephen regarding her music.

Stream Ainy Evelyn Stephen’s new album, ‘Arise Shine: Scripture Songs’, on Spotify, Apple Music, LoudVoice, and YouTube. Follow her YouTube channel and Instagram for updates on new releases. For interviews and reviews, contact the artist through email.


Ainy Evelyn Stephen is a full-time missionary teacher, school administrator, and singer-songwriter based in Malaysia. Having graduated from a bible teacher training program in the Institute of East Asia Training in November 2019, the artist is currently a full-time teacher at the same institute. Ainy, alongside a team, visits churches and organize youth camps every year including the Myanmar Young Believers Camp in West Malaysia and Borneo Young Believers Camp in East Malaysia. The group remains empowered towards their goal to see the restoration of God’s image in people. Ainy acts as a mentor to ‘Young Believers’ in their devotional life, encouraging them to live a truthful life according to Christian values.

Complemented by her team, the artist is also involved in canvassing work in Malaysia, travelling to different states and selling holistic literature. When she’s not creating music, Ainy enjoys living a healthy lifestyle which includes gardening, cooking plant-based foods, finding new wholesome recipes and exploring nature.

Name: Ainy Evelyn Stephen
Business Address:
872, Jalan Besar Kampung Baru Sungai Durian
Tanjung Tualang, Perak 31800
Phone Number: +60107779822
Email Address: [email protected]


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