Mercy Alu Releases Peace Song Award Winning Music

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New EP Is A Spiritual Experience

Schaumburg, Illinois – October 5, 2020 – World music artist Mercy Alu is making her voice known across the world with her latest releases. Her new EP “Have It Your Way” is a mix of powerful instrumentals and Mercy Alu’s divine voice.

“Have It Your Way” delivers an inspiring and uplifting message to listeners. The EP comprising of five songs will also transport listeners to another place, making their emotions undergo a positive transformation. “Have It Your Way” will be available in digital music stores on October 18, 2020. Mercy is also preparing a Music Transforms Lives project with the release of an upcoming album titled “Amen.”

Mercy Alu is an author, singer, songwriter, and recording artist. Her style of music is a combination of gospel, inspirational Afro-pop, and world music. Mercy was nominated by a celebrity panel of judges for the 4th annual Peace Song Awards, part of PPOE which was recognized in 2011 by the UN for an image considered one of the most iconic in the history of the UN. On September 21, 2020, Mercy was declared a winner in the World Music Category for her song “African Queen.” Mercy also chairs the research and grants department of the IAAAS, the International Association of African Authors and Scholars, dedicated to getting the voices of writers heard and promoting literacy, capacity building, and education.

To listen to more of her music, or for interested parties to reach out to Mercy Alu for an interview on their site, podcast, or radio show, you can make contact via the information provided below.

Mercy Alu
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