Midnight Sun Don’t Let Me Sleep

Midnight Sun Don't Let Me Sleep

Midnight Sun Don't Let Me SleepThis week I won a contest from LAs biggest rock station. You may have heard of it, The World Famous KROQ. Anyways, while standing in line to go watch a band play in this itty-bitty space, they played music that they would usually play on their station. I am reminded of this because days later I am sitting here listening to Midnight Spin and it sounds like what would be played on KROQ. It has that nostalgic rock sound, the one that never seems to go out of style. The kind you would find at a Lollapolooza festival. Yeah, that kind can be found on Midnight Suns latest Don’t Let Me Sleep. The albums consists of 12 rock tracks that go from over the top to laid back and back again. Neuroin and Lion Run were the initial ones to turn my mind to the KROQ dial I have mentally stashed in my brain. But it was the slower tracks that made me feel this band was more than a one trick pony. Songs like Colors, Mission Beach and Aeria were top notch and could take this band all the way to where they want to go and then 10 steps further. If you bands like Finger Eleven then check out Midnight Sun before you do anything else today. (https://www.facebook.com/midnightspin)