Mike Derek – My Dad


Mike Derek – My Dad

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Mike Derek started his career singing in church as a baritone, which he possesses a great deal of quality in-the area of to this day. A quality on both sides of the coin in which it produces. He moved to Kitchener, Ontario where he went onto sing at the Sunbeam Centre For Handicapped Children. Then one of his performances was captured by CKTO TV and he’s had articles appear in several newspapers as well as having his music played on many radio stations. His concerts consist of a live performance at Civic Square in Kitchener and he was also a former Sunshine Boy in the Toronto Sun. His new single is “My Dad.” Attracting the family-oriented audience is always in season, and this single is no exception to that rule. Whose dad it’s about doesn’t matter, it’s up to you. With that being-said it’s still recorded by an artist with what appears to be as much conviction about it as the next, including the songwriters who penned it. “My Dad” has more than meets both the ears and eyes there. Either that or it doesn’t take much to please me, because it’s enormously satisfying without having to explain too much about it. If this were a longer song it might get too complex to lay it on the line so easily, and that’s probably why it produces a maximum release. If-only I could be more-sure but only time will tell if Mike Derek will continue to do that in the future. But as for now, this is a promising new single to work with as he forges on to newer musical frontiers. He should be taken as seriously as he sounds for the sake of the song, rather than his image to focus upon. Just kick back and let the song do the talking and it will speak for itself. The sing-along chorus and the female backed parts is what feature the best in the song.

It’s not every day you get a chance to hear Derek’s voice, as I’m not aware of any his music besides this single, so it goes the distance in introducing him for every purpose from his talent range to his sound which crosses my path for the first time. First impressions are important because they not only reflect on the work but the artist too, and it’s a good thing when both come on strong without coming on too strong to get a good glimpse of what they’re all about. One song doesn’t always cut it, but “My Dad” is a huge effort by M. Derek and all present on the single. Being mentioned in the same sentence as Sinatra and Michael Buble doesn’t come along every day either, but it’s a vocal sound of mighty proportion that goes above and beyond style to produce a substance all his own.

If you love Adult-Contemporary, Gospel and Country, then a song about dad’s worth hearing is what you get, and that’s only one way to describe a song that can take on a life of its own once you dig into it. It sounds like that is how Mike Derek felt about it, as you feel the joys and pains of fathers and sons along with him.

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Todd Bauer