MkX – ‘The Look’

MkX – ‘The Look’

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MkX – ‘The Look’


I have to admit, this song is really exciting. The instrumentals are really well done, there was also a lot of interludes. You cannot really expect a higher level of harmony than on this track. One second you are enjoying the rhythm, the next second, you are totally lost in the hook. What I did find amazing about this track is the lyrics. Great songwriting that we can all relate with. The hook is so well done and it really brings the whole song together. I really lover how MkX brings the whole track together with and you can really visualize in your head what he is talking about.


Not much is known about Mkx, he is a relatively new artist to the music industry and I have to say that his first track is really solid for an upcoming artist. But going by his details, I would say he is also an inspirational speaker to a singer. MkX apart from being an artist and songwriter is also into stage designs, outfits, and toplines. MkX sees himself as a very creative guy and is creating a new lane in the music industry. For me, I believe that with time we will get to know MkX better and hear more great songs like this.

MkX claims to be a boss in creativity and he is. I also think he needs to work on his online presence as little information about both his song and his persona can be seen online. For someone who is this creative, Instagram should not be his only social media account. Even a search on Google would give you very little info about MkX. The world wants to know more about MkX. I know that I do.


It is pertinent to note that ‘The Look’ is MkX’s first official single and tack. MKX is scheduled to launch his first EP soon titled ‘Welcome To Planet X’. I expect to see him put in the same amazing effort and stay as creative on this new EP. Perhaps, this EP can be his ticket to making a big name in the music industry. I would be glad if this EP becomes a major boost to his music career. Hope he does not stick to a particular genre of music because he likes to infuse various genres into his music. He does that so well.

I expected a level of creativity from MkX on this song and he did not disappoint. The song feels like your catchy, hyper love song with the message of lust. I love the instrumentals and how MkX is able to create a catchy hook. I can totally see this song making people dance in a club for sure. This song is fun & the groove pulls you in.

If there is one item MKX got right, it is writing lyrics that we all can relate to. The first verse of his chorus actually got me laughing. ‘I don’t wanna jump the gun like I usually do, Only wanna make a move if you want me to, Sick of all the failed attempts to find the one. But ya got me thinkin’ that I’m what you want.’ With these lyrics, I can now understand why most guys give that ‘puppy look’ when trying to ask you out. I love that and it shows the human side of MkX.

The lyrics are dope and the hook is catchy. This song should head straight to Top 40 radio. Plus you cannot deny that the beat is amazing. Well done MkX, well done!


Leslie Sherman

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