Mojow Ask ‘What You Gonna Do?’

Mojow Ask ‘What You Gonna Do?’

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Château-Landon, France – November 7, 2019 – After some 20 years playing in various bands, three talented musicians came together to form Mojow. Just a few years later they’re rocking and rolling through France with a couple of records to their name including 2019’s ‘What You Gonna Do?’

‘What You Gonna Do?’ presents the best of what Mojow has to offer right now. Fresh rock sounds laced with an enjoyable presence on tracks like “Short Stack Boogie,” “Running Time,” and the killer title track that acts as an anchor for the whole EP. Their music displays uniqueness in that the baritone sax plays the bass lines while the rest of the compositions allow for the classic rock influences to stand tall.

Before this trio came together, they were busy playing their hearts out in a variety of bands that include Les fils de Teuhpu, Vaguement La Jungle, and Les Touffes kretiennes. Then a few years ago they came together and formed Mojow. Today they have a couple of albums to their name as well as more than 120 shows under their belt. In the past three years, Mojow has played in venues both near and far, as well as notable music festivals such as The Spring of Bourges. Each and every time they step on stage, concert-goers are taken for a wild and enjoyable ride as they deliver both covers that entertain and originals that impress. Currently, they are impressing the lot with their 2019 release, ‘What You Gonna Do?’

Those interested in adding new rock to their playlists, reviewing ‘What You Gonna Do?’ or interviewing Mojow about their music, lengthy careers and more can reach out via the information provided below.

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Mojow brings rock and roll to the forefront with more than 20 years experience between the trio and then some on their 2019 release, ‘What You Gonna Do?’

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