Mooncult Bring Post-Punk To The Masses With Debut 

Mooncult Bring Post-Punk To The Masses With Debut 

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‘Swallow You Whole’ Out Now


Los Angeles, California – June 10, 2020 – Imagine it. It’s 1980-something and you’re somewhere in the UK with adventure in your heart, your feet on the pavement and music in your ears thanks to BBC Radio 1’s John Peel. The music he plays gives you nothing but life and it’s good. While Peel lives on in the hearts of music fans across the world, artists like LA’s Mooncult are delivering sounds that would take you back to those magical 1980-something days on their debut, ‘Swallow You Whole.’

‘Swallow You Whole’ opens with lead single, “Grip The Air,” and whether it’s the haunting ways of the music or the way Raven Mystere’s Nico-esque vocals almost feel ethereal – it’s a captivating opener that encourages listeners that there is so much more awaiting throughout. Songs like “Feeling Good,” “Until We Say Never Again,” and “Die Tonight” round out this record with indie notes that have a shoegaze hue.

Working on new music following the loss of an ex-lover was the first stepping stone towards singer-songwriter Raven starting Mooncult. By 2018 Raven had rounded out the band and its sound thanks to Mark Mallory (bass, synth) and Phil Cobb (lead guitar). They built their name playing throughout the Los Angeles area, and are not excited to be able to share their music with the fans that fell for them live, and those who’ve been waiting for a record with their debut, ‘Swallow You Whole.’ 

Those interested in adding new alternative music to their playlists, reviewing ‘Swallow You Whole,’ or interviewing Mooncult can reach out via the information provided below. 

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Mooncult is proud to present their debut album, ‘Swallow Me Whole,’ available now. 

Hughes Raven
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Grips The Air:

Source: ArtistPR Press Release

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