Mr-Roc-Hustle Creates Positivity through Fresh Hip Hop Inspiration

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Spinning Magic and timelessness through musical compositions, Mr-Roc-Hustle is a unique addition who produces and curates music that not only provides hip tracks but also key messages of love, knowledge, and life

Akron, Ohio –  February 1st, 2021 –  Rising Hip Hop artist and musical composer Mr-Roc-Hustle is the fresh new face of Hip Hop music and brings with him magical lyricism and beats. He strongly uses music as a power to enlighten using pure creativity, raw agility and the true excitement of a hungry passionate emcee. The genre of Hip Hop has truly lacked meaningful heartfelt music for decades, because of which people have no way to gain access to the true rhythm down deep in their souls. Mr-Roc-Hustle is ready to use his time to teach, inspire and elevate the culture to new innovations, entertain with emotion and never be afraid to embrace Hip Hop’s past, present and future. Mr-Roc-Hustle’s originality is already valuable to the music scene. He is a leader and his movement stands alone when it comes to absolute pure uniqueness.

Mr-Rapping.Our.Culture is what ROC stands for in his name Mr-Roc-Hustle. He is without doubt a vocal, raw and inspiring rap artist who has the versatility and originality of some of the most talented emcees of the modern Hip Hop era. As the self-proclaimed music magician, he creates knowledgeable, fun, unforgettable tracks consistently and has taken it upon himself to use the music to engage with the world one ear at a time. Mr-Roc-Hustle owner of the multimedia company “Glory.Bull Productions & Entertainment”.
In the first quarter of 2021, Mr-Roc-Hustle intends to drop his 16th mixtape coupled with a thriller novel and horror comic to complement his musical compositions.




Mr-Roc-Hustle is a young and thriving hip hop artist and entrepreneur born and raised in Akron, Ohio. With 15 mixtapes to his name as well as a multimedia company, Glory Bull Productions & Entertainment LLC, there is no stopping the possibility of this man’s reach. Whether it’s to follow one’s dreams with “Tenacity” or fighting the temptation of choosing between right and wrong in the rightfully titled “Temptation” – he is inspiring people through music. Something that initially pushed him towards a musical career in the first place. The first time Mr-Roc-Hustle took the stage he was with two other performers. Throughout 2019 Mr-Roc-Hustle found himself in front of a number of crowds from Lock3 Park to Moda Ultra Bar Nightlife to The Rialto Theatre in Akron. In 2021, he plans on adding more major cities to his calendar. Along with shows and pushing out new music, Mr-Roc-Hustle will be concentrating on building his brand’s apparel and merchandise, as well as focusing on Glory Bull’s missions while creating entertaining albums that inspire. With hopes to change the world, Mr-Roc-Hustle wants to put his revolution into action.



Name: Mr-Roc-Hustle
Phone: (330)-785-5673
Email: [email protected]





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