Mundo Gris Speak Universal Language of Music


Mundo Gris Speak Universal Language of MusicMundo Gris is a Spanish rock band that conveys their message clear, even if you don’t speak the language you can hear it in the music. “Todo Por Nada” translates into “All for Nothing” and since I can’t speak about the lyrics beyond that, I’ll focus on the universal language that is music. The music is soft rock that has a little oomph to it here and there. The riffs add an extra punch to the vocals that are composed throughout. “Mundo Gris” which if you were paying attention is the name of the artist as well, means “Gray World.” The tone of the song matches the hue, it’s a bit down trodden. For non-Spanish speakers a heads up that “Atrapado” meaning “Trapped” and matching that with the song at hand, they can hear the hurriedness in the voice. Like the person in the song is trying to escape and panicked. Once that’s over and you get a new attempt, you have “Nuevo Intento.” It’s a different mood than the one before it, in that it’s a bit calmer but still has that rock feel. “Siempre” is always a good one to put on. It’s the Spanish ballad of the bunch and like a cool breeze to the ears. If you’re into Spanish rock, check out Mundo Gris. (!)