Music That Inspires and Heals Hearts: Carolina Teixeira’s “I Have to Believe” is a Light in Dark Tunnels

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Enthusing listeners to cling onto strength through the heart-rending chasms of grief and desolation, “I Have to Believe” is a beautiful and passionate record

Clark, New Jersey — July 14th, 2022- Carolina Teixeira’s newest single, “I Have to Believe” is an impassioned and poignant track that offers an insightful look into the singer-songwriter’s mind. The talented artist penned the heartfelt new single after the heartbreaking loss of her father two years ago.

For the budding artist, “I Have to Believe” is more than just a soulful track with smooth, empowering vocals and profound, emotion-fueled song writing. The single represents a force of healing and formed a therapeutic means of reassurance which inspired Carolina to write more and continue her and her father’s musical voyage.

“I am going to do my best for this song to be heard. It has helped me heal and I hope to inspire and help others,” notes Carolina Teixeira regarding her music and motivations.

Carolina reminisces how she actualized a talent for singing and making music at the tender age of just 18 months, when according to her family, she used to sing along to the opening theme of a Brazilian soap opera.

The gifted singer-songwriter hopes for her single to be heard by all audiences and aims to help people that are going through the painful experience of grief that she underwent. She earnestly believes that when someone is grieving, it is the light of prayers and love which helps people through the process, but not everyone prays and or is blessed with the care of loving people. As a result, music becomes a necessary and relatable shoulder of support, and a way for people to live on, long after their passing.

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Carolina Teixeira’s professional music career began at 16, when she booked her very first gig in New York City, with an assorted set list which included Brazilian Jazz, Samba, American Pop, and R&B. The artist’s musical repertoire reflected the cultural combination of her Brazilian birthplace and upbringing in the United States.

The young artist was assisted by her inspiring dad who helped her and her sisters to create their own musical girl group. She soon began writing songs with him to sing together, including her single, “I Have to Believe”, which she reworked and completed after her father’s passing. A seasoned professional piano player, Carolina Teixeira’s father was a professional pianist who was dedicated to the art of Brazilian Jazz, accompanied by her mother’s beautiful vocalizations. The artist’s father used to sing with her ever since she was 16 and discovered a passion for the art.

Today, she continues to write songs, perform, and create music as a symbol of the dreams she dreamt with her late father.


Carolina Teixeira
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